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Flower girl dress

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Choosing The Correct Flower Girl Dress

Flower girls are perhaps the ones that grab the most attention at weddings. That makes it very important that you select the the right flower girl ensemble for the sweetest little members of your wedding party.

When selecting the perfect dress for your flower girl you should give style and comfort utmost priority. The best way to go forward is to have the flower girl dress style complement the wedding decor, theme and style of the bridesmaids' gowns.

Though it would be ideal for your flower girl to wear a mini version of the bridal gown, but it is important that her dress should be appropriate for her age. A four-year-old flower girl in a strapless dress or in a slinky spaghetti straps would not be appropriate. Lime Green Prom Dresses

While shopping for for just the right dress remember to be practical and give comfort a good deal of thought. If it is choose floor-length dress you are going for, make sure the hem of the dress is at least two inches from the floor. You wouldn't want your flower girl to be tripping. When it comes to fabric choices, the popular ones will include satin, organza, velvet and lace , or a combination of these. Whichever fabric you go for, do ensure that the fabric fits the season. Remember that the flower girl will be wearing this outfit almost all day and into the evening so keep away from itchy fabrics.

Usually the flower girl's parents pay for the wedding attire. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea if the bride and groom buy the flower girl dress as a gift. Prices for flower girl ensembles usually begin at $75 and can run up to several hundred dollars.

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